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Interconnectedness Empty Interconnectedness

Post by brBenjamin Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:57 am


There was a big pond, and in it three were three
fishes. The fist fish was One-Thought, the second fish was
Hundred-Thoughts, and the third fish was Thousand-Thoughts. At some
time a fisherman came and cast his net. He caught those two fishes of
many thoughts; but he did not catch the fish One-Thought.

–Manichaean Parable (Turtan fragment M127)

[A small altar (can be a temporary
space) should be set up with two candles (one white and one black) on
the rear sides of the altar, a bowl of spring or fresh water, an amount
of bread small enough to be consumed by the celebrant (preferably a
small uncut loaf), and a goblet (of wood, noble metal, pottery, or
clear crystal if possible) filled with a small amount of wine (color
and type are unimportant). If possible, a cotton or linen towel and a
few flower petals or small leaves from a flowering plant should be
placed alongside the bowl of water. The altar is a sacred ceremonial
space and should not be used as a table for other items during the
ritual celebration of the Divine Service, even if it is only
temporarily set aside for sacred use.]

[The Priest(ess) should be seated facing the altar,
and spend a few moments in quite prayer or meditation in preparation
for presiding over the Sacred Mysteries. Standing, the Priest(ess)
should then turn silently in each of the four directions, making a
profound bow and briefly meditating four times while holding open his
or her hands to invite the spiritual communion of all animals, spirits,
and human beings in the Divine Service. Following this, the Priest(ess)
should make a final gesture of respect toward the altar such as
genuflecting or bowing to place a kiss on the surface, as it becomes
the Table for the celebration of God's Sacred Mysteries. Standing, s/he

[The following was devised by the AGCA, you may like
to follow it, although in practice it may be too long. Please treat
this and any of the following as a guideline.]

In the name of the One True God, the Beloved Son Jesus Christ, and the Eternal Lady of Light, Sophia. Amen.

I have come here today to set aside and make
sacred a brief time of prayer and worship, when my spirit meets God in
the totality of spiritual light that pervades our universe. I seek
gnosis, the knowledge of the one God, living and true. This is my great
Beloved, who loves me at all times like a tender Mother and Father,
unconditionally and unchangingly.

Though invisible, this God is active in my
heart. Though incorporeal, in Christ my God entered human time to make
known the path of spirit and of truth. Though one unbroken unity, God
is diffused throughout our universe in Sophia, the eternal Lady of
Wisdom, and is present to me today in my own true spiritual nature,
with which I approach this altar with boldness as son/daughter, as
priest(ess), prophet, and king/queen, in confidence but in deep

These are the great mysteries that I come to
celebrate today. Alone here but united to the unbroken community of the
Church of Christ and Sophia, I come forward to encounter my God in
sacraments and signs that open my eyes to a greater than natural
vision. So I pray for the strength to encounter mysteries that
challenge my mind and my heart, that Lady Sophia might grace me with
the gift of Her understanding as I contemplate the unfolding of the
great mysteries of salvation.

[Pause for silent reflection, then continue:] Gracious
God, my beloved, I pray for knowledge of your love today. Illuminate
what is dark in me. Bring peace to what doubts within me. Bring
understanding to what confuses me. Enfold me in your motherly love, and
as a gentle father guide my steps along my path this week and always.

[Here an additional silent or verbal Prayer can be said

For example:]

Our Father and Mother God,
you are within us all,
and you make all things holy and united,
as you are holy and united, one God living and true.
Your Kingdom come,
your will be done,
which is love to all that lives in the heavens and on the earth.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and let us give our daily bread to those who have none;
and heal our broken spirits,
as we heal and forgive others.
And lead us, through the darkness of your mystical love,
to the light of the pleroma,

[Enter meditation. For example, focus on your
breathing, enter silence, reaffirm the 4 directions. Slow your breath
and enter into silence. If you are used to Western meditation sit
quietly and firmly on a chair, with your spine upright and straight.
For Eastern meditation form a lotus position or similar, sit

Focus on your breathing, become calm
and center yourself. Still your body, your mind. Feel your breath go in
and out of your nose. With your eyes closed or open visualize yourself
in the center of a circle. You see yourself surrounded by your friends
and family. With your mind focus clearly on every member in the circle,
note the things you like about them and the things you don’t.
Experience everything you can about these individuals.

When you are ready the circle becomes
bigger. Now the circle is filled with people from your place of work,
your neighbors and people you meet on the street often. Recognize
further how you interact and how you know these people.

After a short time expand the circle
again, fill it with people from your town, from any church or spiritual
group you may belong to. See that you are a part of this circle as it
gets bigger and expands…if it helps add the wildlife around you,
picture animals, plants, the city, the earth, the sky….

How are you connected to everyone in this circle?

How are you connected to those near and those far from you?

Are you stronger by this connection or weaker?

Are you able to give yourself completely to this circle and to everyone here?

Listen quietly for the answers, but you
may not obtain them, do not force anything..let these answers come to
you freely and naturally and without effort.

Relax your mind and body, focus on being silent and being empty.

When you are ready end your meditation


Aim to make this meditation last 15 to 20 minutes
at first. As you get more comfortable meditating feel free to make your
time longer. The more often you meditate the more effective it will be.
Aim to meditate at least once a day. Although it is tempting to set
aside a separate time for meditation, which can be essential as we
begin such pursuits; our aim should be to be able to meditate at any
time, with our eyes open, even during mundane daily tasks.]

[Close with a prayer for example:]

May all be blessed, peaceful and happy,

May all be free of pain, resentment and fear.

May we have infinite gratitude, patience and compassion for all above, equal, and below us.

we be the doctor, medicine and nurse, for all the confused, sick and
sad. May all the virtue acquired by us, flow freely to all need.

May everyone find the Path to Peace,

May everyone become pure and perfect,

May everyone find the Treasury of Life!

May Kushta bless you and keep you …


Good is the Good to the good, and They set their nature upon those who love their name.

We will seek and find, and will pray and be heard.

We have sought and found, we prayed and were heard in thy presence,

my Lord Yeshu and Maryam d-Hiya, Lords of Healings.


To follow up:

Throughout your day focus on interconnectedness, see how you relate to other people and everything in your life.

Feel free to adapt this how you see fit.


The Gnostic Prayerbook

The Way of Flame: A Guide to the Forgotten Mystical Tradition of Jewish Meditation
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