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Seekers & those who study Gnosticism. Apotheosis is real.

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Seekers & those who study Gnosticism. Apotheosis is real. Empty Seekers & those who study Gnosticism. Apotheosis is real.

Post by Greatest I am Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:19 am

Seekers & those who study Gnosticism. Apotheosis is real.

I have gone from a non believer to believer by way of my apotheosis.

The God I found has nothing to do with the God portrayed in the Bible.
That God may have initially been the Godhead I found but man has added all known attributes to it and made it the wish list God that it now is and to believe in it, you must believe in fantastic miracles and in an immoral God who would kill humans.
The Godhead is a cosmic consciousness and does not resemble that Bible God at all.

It is the epitome of knowledge and wisdom and give truth to the one part of the myth of Adam and Eve, who became as Gods, knowing good and evil. When you find access to the Godhead within yourself, you will know this to be true as you evolve yourself to a higher state of awareness and Godlikeness.

Gnostic thinking is the only way to achieve this wondrous goal and apotheosis or rapprochement to the Godhead is the only way to evolve your God within.

Keep an open mind and you are bound to find the key to open the communication with the Godhead. When you do so, know that your journey is not ending, it is beginning. Expect both pain and pleasure from the encounter. Follow the instruction that is given and you will know that it is what you need at that point in time.

I did not quite understand the message that I received on that day but having had many years to contemplate it and practice it has shown me the wisdom of it. I share it now with you and you will know that this is the instruction from the only Godhead of this world.

Think demographically.

Good luck and know that Gnosticism is the only worthy way of looking at religions or at any philosophy. Question everything.

The worth of Gnosticism is exemplified in this saying. Take heed of it.

“Both read the Bible day and night, But thou read'st black where I read white”
William Blake

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