Money laundering and astrology

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Money laundering and astrology Empty Money laundering and astrology

Post by STORMER51 on Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:18 pm

In the existing money-oriented world where science is in a dominating position, Astrology should have been recognized as a greater science. However due to some sect of hypocrite with self-centered motive have some how managed India Astrologer and astrology to be considered as an assumption. These are the people who corrupt the mind of common populace with fake belief for their own selfish motive.

The main reason of these people is to earn money from innocent people by giving them bogus directions, depict made-up stories & insist on void rituals, these people gave much importance to inherited attitude instead of seeing Astrology as a science & to utilise the astrology for selfish purpose rather than providing it as a therapy to solve the problem of common people.

Human nature is curious, this thirst of search leads the society to general development, but it is difficult to know about our universe or flabby world to establish the common & abnormalities shaped as a result of rapid development. Astrology is a scientific & mathematical study of those material which are found in cosmos & affects the configuration of our daily routine, the way of living & character depends completely on these operation A very complicated but logical incantation of countless stars spread in space is our actual universe. A group of innumerable stars which are seen in the sky, edge to edge as a path at night is known as Galaxy.

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