Are Miracles Possible

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Are Miracles Possible Empty Are Miracles Possible

Post by seekerjuan on Sun May 17, 2009 11:04 am

In a previous discussion, I stated that I do not believe in miracles. My logic for this is that if an outside force were to increase the available energy in the universe, kinetic or other type, the balance of the universe would be disturbed and the natural law of conservation would be violated. After some thought on this subject it occurred to me that there may be a way that what are perceived as miracles could happen with out this violation of natural law.

Those who study the paranormal, such as ghosts and demons, often report a decrease in ambient temperature accompanying a physical manifestation of sound, apparition, etc. It occurs to me, that if a spiritual entity were able to convert one form of energy to another, that is change thermal energy to kinetic energy and move something, heal a disease, etc., then this same process could be used to create miracles.

I spoke with a Pagan friend and she indicated that this was actually the basis of magic in many Pagan rites.

So my question is, could this process explain miracles or magic? Is it possible that our spiritual self could do the same while we are still alive? If so, what would the mechanism be that would allow thought to control energy and how precise can it be?


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Are Miracles Possible Empty Re: Are Miracles Possible

Post by StarSeeker on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:49 am

I suppose concentration would be my answer.
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